Chocolate Bar Molds

Chocolate Bar Molds



Are you looking for chocolate bar molds? Here in this post you will find a wide variety of polycarbonate chocolate bar molds in different sizes, shapes and design. We’re going also to share with you the basic tempering techniques to help you produce a shiny and tasty chocolate bar molds.

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Chocolate Bar Molds – Tempering Techniques

Tempered chocolate is the secret to produce a finished product with a professional gloss and taste as well as the right molds like the polycarbonate chocolate bar molds. If you’re planning on using chocolate bar molds to produce chocolate bars, it is very important to learn how to temper the chocolate so that it behaves properly and it helps you create wonderful chocolate candy bars.

Laguna Wholesale is going to share with you the two basic ways of tempering techniques.

  1. Seed method
  2. Tempering stone method

If you don’t want to deal with any of the method above simply buy a tempering machine and use a professional polycarbonate chocolate bar molds so you can get a smooth, with a shiny finish and satisfying snap chocolate bars.

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Chocolate Bar Molds – Seed Method

Seed method is the easiest way to temper chocolate and to prepare it to crystallize the right way. The tempering process allowed the crystals in melted chocolate to rearrange so that gives your chocolate the perfect shine and snap.

Below are the four steps for the seed method

  • Melting chocolate
  • Cooling chocolate
  • Reheat chocolate
  • Sustain the temperature

For Detailed Instructions Open This

1st step – Use 2/3 of the dark chocolate you plan to temper and reserve the 1/3 for later. In a double boiler, melt the chocolate to no more that 120°F. Stir and move until the chocolate is a smooth liquid.

2nd step – Remove chocolate from the heat. The chocolate is then cooled by “seeding” or mixing the remaining 1/3 of chocolate because they are at a room temperature of 68° to 70°F. While you’re adding chocolate a little at a time, the secret here is to keep stirring quickly and to take its temperature regularly until the proper one is reached . The addition of the chocolate “seeds” the melted chocolate with properly crystallized cocoa butter.

3rd step – Use the double boiler again for reheating so that so any of the undesirable crystals that are forms during the cooling process. When it reached the desired temperature, the chocolate now is tempered 🙂 Don’t allow it to exceed 91°F for dark and 89° for milk.

4th step – Hold the temperature, the chocolate will be cool if not kept at a constant temperature. You may need to gently heat, or remove from the heat to hold the temperature. If you exceed the temperature listed below the stable cocoa butter crystals will start to melt and the temper will be lost.

The ideal temperature to keep chocolate “in temper” are:

  • 88° to 90°F for dark
  • 86° to 88° for milk
  • 82° to 84° for white

Your chocolate now is temper and you’re ready to fill your chocolate bar molds.

Chocolate Bar Molds – Stone Method

This technique is a quick way to ensure your chocolate is tempered properly. The chocolate is tempered by pouring some of it on a stone slab on which to work with until it cools. Before using make sure the surface is dry, cold and clean. The result is the most shimmering and crisp chocolate. The tempering process steps are the same as the “seed” method, the way how to cool the chocolate to temper is different.

For Detailed Instructions Open This

1st step  – Melt up the whole quantity of chocolate you want to temper in a double boiler. The melting temperature for

  • Dark chocolate 120°F
  • Milk chocolate 115°F
  • White chocolate 110°F

2nd step – Pour 2/3 of the total melted chocolate onto the marble slab, spread the chocolate continuously across the slab by using bench scraper and angled spatula until it cools to the following temperature below and until it thickens slightly. Make sure to agitate the chocolate constantly to ensure it doesn’t harden and encourage proper crystallization.

  • Dark chocolate 82°F
  • Milk chocolate 80°F
  • White chocolate 78°F

3rd step – Add or pour back the thickened chocolate to the remaining 1/3 melted chocolate. Mix gently until smooth. Reheat the mixture, stirring constantly until you reach the ideal temperature to keep chocolate “in temper” for dark 92°F, milk 86°F and white 82°F chocolate.

Since the chocolate now is temper, you can grab your chocolate bar molds and start pouring the chocolate and the result is astonishing.

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Below you will find some tips to use while you’re working on tempering your chocolate

  • Use this simple method to check if the chocolate is in temper: Apply a small quantity of chocolate and spread it over an area of waxed paper or to the point of a knife. If the chocolate harden evenly and show a good gloss within five minutes, it is properly tempered. If it is dull or streaky, it has not been tempered correctly. Start the tempering process again.
  • You can reheat the chocolate many times if it cools too much and it’s still melted so you can return it back to the temperature listed above.
  • For better accuracy, you can use a chocolate tempering thermometer for quick readings.
  • Work in a cool environment with relative humidity of 50%
  • Make sure all equipment is completely dry
  • Be careful to keep water from splashing into chocolate

The time process depends on the amount of the chocolate, types as well as the temperature of the kitchen. Finally, keep in mind, that the polycarbonate chocolate bar molds are the best to produce the shiniest and smoothest finish chocolate bars.

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