Chocolate Candy Molds

Chocolate Candy Molds


Are you looking for chocolate candy molds? Well you are in the right place 🙂 In this post we’re going to show you where you can find a big variety of chocolate candy mold as well as we’re going to share with you the different ways on how to melt your chocolates and the major problems with the appearance of the chocolate.

We’re going to cover how to prevent these problems so you will have the best and shiny chocolate appearance and we’re going to give you some tips of using chocolate.

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Chocolate Candy Molds – Melting chocolates

Melting chocolate is necessary when it comes to molding chocolate candy molds. Before we start we would like to mention that melting chocolate is different than tempering chocolate. However, melting chocolate is an essential step in the tempering process to be successful in molding chocolate candy molds.

There is different ways on how to melt your chocolates we listed below and we’re going to cover each one. Before you start and to ensure melting, it is very important to make sure to chopped your chocolates 🙂

  1. Microwave
  2. Meting machine
  3. Adding liquids
  4. Double boiler

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Melting chocolate in the microwave is the easiest way and great tool if used properly.

  • Put your chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl
  • Melt your chocolate on a low 50% power setting

The microwaving times depends on many factors

  • Microwave wattage
  • Quantity of chocolates
  • Cocoa butter content of the chocolate

As a standard estimate we can say 1 minute for 1 ounce of chocolate. Then  stirring each 30 second after you run your microwave. Stop heating when most of the chocolate is melted and start to stir the chocolate continuously until it’s completely melted, smooth and shiny.

Melting machine there is different types of melting machine in the market place with different capacities. The melting machine provide you also with easy and more confident way to melt your chocolate so you will be ready to molding your chocolate candy molds.

  • Set up the temperature at 104 – 113 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Put 70% of your chocolate and wait until the chocolate completely melt
  • Add the 30% left of your chocolate to the melted chocolate and mix strongly the chocolate to lower its temperature

By lowering the temperature, we have the stabilization of the cocoa butter crystals. The ideal temperature varies depending on the type of the chocolate you are using. See below

  • Dark chocolate 32 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Milk chocolate 30 degree Fahrenheit
  • White chocolate 29 degree Fahrenheit

Adding liquids like milk, water, cream or liqueurs. It’s usually faster by speeding the melting time and prevent overheating. Use at least 1 tablespoon of liquid for 2 oz of chocolate to prevent the cocoa and sugar in the chocolate from holding together.

For Dark chocolates add 1 spoonful or two if necessary and to prevent chocolate from thickening, add the liquids all at once. Ensure that all liquids are warm to prevent chocolate from seizing. If you are working with ganache, pour the hot liquids over chopped chocolate and allow to sit for a few minutes, then gently whisk them together until completely combined.

Now you are ready to use the melting chocolate and to fill it inside your chocolate candy molds.

Double boiler which is the traditional way for melting your chocolate and to pour it inside your chocolate candy molds. It is consisting of saucepan to hold the water and a bowl that fits securely over the saucepan and the chocolate is placed inside the bowl. This way of melting chocolate is an indirect heat which allow the chocolate to melt over gentle.

  • Fill the saucepan with hot water and heat over low heat until it starts to bubble
  • Turn of the stove and place the bowl over the water (the bowl should not touch the water)
  • Stir the chocolate with a plastic spatula when it begins to melt
  • Set the bowl on the counter when almost all of the chocolate is melted
  • Stir continuously until it is completely melted, smooth and shiny

For melting large amount of chocolate, start with 1/3 of the chocolate and wait until the chocolate melt and then add more.

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Chocolate Candy Molds – Appearance Problems

To help you work with chocolate and to enjoy the process from melting to molding your chocolate candy molds, Laguna Wholesale will share with you one of the major problem that many people faced, the chocolate appearance.

If the chocolate is not properly tempered it will cause the problem that affect the appearance of the finished chocolate. The one of the good looks of the chocolate is its magnificent appearance. For each problem below there is different causes and we have listed the most common one.

  • Molds are not Clean
  • Poor-quality Molds
  • Molds in poor condition
  • Chocolate is over tempered
  • Humidity is too high
  • Molds not dry before molding
  • The chocolate is cracked
  • The chocolate has bubbles
  • The chocolate has fingerprints

Chocolate Candy Molds – Appearance Solutions

The solutions below are listed in order for the problems mentioned above for the chocolate appearance while you are using your chocolate candy molds.

  • Clean with cotton swabs or soft rag and do not touch inside the molds
  • Use Polycarbonate chocolate molds
  • Replace molds
  • Chocolate should be re tempered again
  • Reduce humidity in cooling tunnel, storage room and in molding room
  • Ensure that chocolate candy molds are completely dry before molding
  • Adjust the temperature of cooling tunnel and before coating allow the to reach the temperature of the chocolate to be molded.
  • Reduce viscosity and the amount of the emulsifier, reduce agitation, raise temperature, vibrate chocolate
  • Wear gloves, reduce the time of handling chocolate and make sure your hands are dry.

Later on in a different posts we will go over the chocolate appearance problem with more details. These problems and solutions above will gives you an idea on how to deal with chocolate candy molds and with chocolate before you start molding.

Chocolate Candy Molds  – Tips of using chocolate

  1. Make sure your chocolate candy molds are dry and any other equipment you’re using.
  2. Be careful to keep water from sprinkling into the chocolate.
  3. Keep heat low to avoid burning.
  4. Stir chocolate during melting

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Finally, for formula, theory and technique for the artisan confectioner we highly recommend this book Chocolate & Confections by Peter P. Greweling, The Culinary Institute of America.

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