Push Pop Containers

Push Pop Containers

Push Pop Containers

Are you looking for push pop containers and wondering where you can find the best source for push pop containers?

In this post we, at Laguna Wholesale, are going to share with you the major problems to look for when purchasing your push pop containers and how to avoid them so you can enjoy your desserts.

We will also share with you the different types of push pop containers available, how to assemble, transport and display them, and give you some fun ideas.

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Push Pop Containers – The Problem

Laguna Wholesale would like to share with you the most important feedback from its customers about the different problems that they faced by trying different push pop containers from different companies and why they like to buy our products.

So here are the main problems faced by our customers:

  • Short Lids – This will mess up your decoration at the top.
  • Leaking –  Ice cream, mousse, jello will leak.
  • Hole In The Lids   Your dessert will loose its freshness.
  • Domed Lid: A lot of people prefer to stand the containers on their lids to serve. You cannot do that with a domed lid.
  • Mini Round Push-Up Mold  The stick is different and it has a smaller diameter than the standard size and it’s taller so there is a difficulty to make the cake layer.
  • Square Stick –  Some containers in the market place have a square stick so you will have to buy a special display stand for them.
  • Unstable stand boxes – Difficult to assemble the insert box, does not hold the push pops properly, one time use.
  • Transportation – How do you transport and display your containers after decoration.

So what does this all mean? Well, if you don’t find the solution to these problems (don’t worry we got your back), then it will be more difficult for you to create and enjoy these fun desserts. Let’s simplify it for you. Read on…

Push Pop Containers – The Solution

Laguna Wholesale recognized these problems and worked on resolving them for our customers so that you can create your desserts hassle free and focus on enjoying them, rather than worrying about the problems we mentioned above.

So to address the problems above, we created the new push pop containers with the following specifications:

  • We increased the height of the lid to 1 in. tall (from 0.50″);
  • Our containers are leak resistant;
  • There is no hole in the lid so that it stays fresh;
  • We have a flat top lid so you can stand it upside down;
  • Our mini-me push up pop containers has the same stick and same diameter as the original push pops standard size;
  • We have a standard stick to fit all push up pop containers in any of our display stands;
  • Our display push pop box (see below) can hold your push pops securely while decorating;
  • We have a very unique idea to help you transport them after decorating them (see box below);

So here are some pictures of the push pop containers that we have.

For Detailed Specs Open This

Round Me Push Pop Containers Specs:

  • Diameter 2 in.
  • Container’s height 3.25 in.
  • Capacity 3.04 oz.

Round Me Push Pop Containers Specs:

  • Diameter 2 in.
  • Container’s height 3.25 in.
  • Capacity 3.04 oz.

Round Mini-Me Push Pop Containers Specs:

  • Diameter 2 in.
  • Container’s height 2 in.
  • Capacity 2.028 oz.

Square Me Push Pop Containers Specs:

  • Dimension 2 x 2 in.
  • Container’s height 3.25 in.
  • Capacity 3.82 oz.

Square Mini-Me Push Pop Containers Specs:

  • Dimension 2 x 2 in.
  • Container’s height 2 in.
  • Capacity 2.16 in.

Here are the general specification that are applicable to all our push up pop containers:

  • Clear durable food grade plastic ― BPA free ― Prop 65 certified;
  • Washable, reusable, recyclable and freezer safe;
  • 1 in. flat top tall lid;
  • Stick’s height 3.75 in;

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How To Assemble The Containers

To assemble your push pop containers:

  • Join the stick with the base;
  • Insert them into the container;

Push Pop Containers – Display and transport

Previously, we mentioned that there were difficulty in decorating, transporting and displaying your push pop containers. Laguna Wholesale created and designed a unique idea to help you decorate, transport and display your push up pops.

Everybody knows, usually it isn’t easy, but with the push pop display, “The Box” by Monique, it’s so much easier than you could think and it’s fast to transform into a display.

“The Box” is easy to assemble and supports your push pops as you decorate and provide them with a cosy home during transport. It’s made in the USA.

It has a light weight cardboard box with a sturdy insert that allows you to use it many times. It has a beautiful design to meet your needs by making your presentation looking good.

It’s the perfect way to carry-out, deliver and display your pre-made push pops in all occasions, especially for outdoor recreation like sport events, scouting, picnics, camping..

As a summary, “The box”  is multi-use and allows you to decorate, store in the fridge, transport, display and serve.

All you need is just one push pop containers display box.

At Laguna Wholesale, you can also find a big variety of acrylic display push pops stands that are made in USA, easy to assemble at a very affordable price :)

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Recipes, Decoration and Serving Ideas

Laguna Wholesale, provides you with some decoration ideas that you can check here. However for more professional ideas and recipe, we highly recommend you pick up a copy of this book “Push Up Pops” By Courtney Dial Whitmore or this book “Push Pop Cakes” by Katie Deacon. They have some great ideas and recipes ranging from strawberry shortcake to snickers caramel pie.

To your delicious desserts,

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