Cake Push Pops

Cake Push Pops

Cake Push Pops

Are you looking for cake push pops and would you like to know what kind of tools and equipment do you need? Well, in this post Laguna Wholesale, will discuss the tools, the equipment, one of the major problem faced and various ideas on turning your clear plastic push pop containers into a beautiful layers of cake push pops.

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Cake Push Pops – Tools

Before you start preparing your cake push pops it’s a good idea to read about the tools and the equipment that you need to make your cake push pops preparation as easy as can be.

Any dessert recipe can be used to fit inside this little push pop containers. To start first choose any recipe and find out the ingredients.

What you need as supplies to do your cake push pops are listed below

If you choose to use the jelly roll baking pan, you can use also the push pop containers itself as a cutter to make your layers cake.

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Cake Push Pops – Warning

Event planners, pastry chefs and stay at home moms faced one of the most major problem with the lid of these cake push pops plastic containers in after about 1 year of using them for dessert.

  1. They discover that the lid should be a little bit taller so they can protect their decoration on the top.
  2. They find out that the flat top lid is more appealing and they can stand up their cake push pops upside down for special presentation.
  3. They recognize that the hole in the lid will dry their filling and do not keep them fresh.

Well Laguna Wholesale with its designers team find out a solution for all lid’s problem listed above and created and designed back in February 2013 the 1 in. top flat lid. This was a tremendous and huge improvement for getting this done.

For the list of other major problems and solutions visit this page.

Cake Push Pops – Various ideas

We mentioned above that you can choose any recipe and find out the ingredients. We would like to give you some ideas from our customers and the internet. There are fabulous recipes already used for special occasions or for corporate events. Examples include: Thanksgiving and Christmas parties to Valentine’s day parties and Easter holiday as well as picnics, sport events and birthday parties.

Just to name a few recipes:

  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • Jello push pops
  • Pumpkin pie push up pops
  • Pumpkin praline triffles
  • Chocolate dipped peanut butter stuffed banana bites
  • Frozen cool whip and pudding between graham crackers
  • Mini Rainbow cakes Watermelon bars
  • Mini pancake skewers Mini banana split
  • No bake pumpkin cheesecake

For more amazing recipes idea check out the push up pops recipes book

At Laguna Wholesale, you can find different shapes and sizes with different packaging for the cake push pops to meet everybody needs including stay at home moms, bakeries, pastry shops, ice cream and yogurt shops.

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Finally the cake push pops is a new way to serve a variety of desserts like cupcakes, pudding parfait, cheesecake, mousse and many other treats.

To your delicious desserts,

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PPS: We hope that we did help you by listing above the tools and equipment and mentioned various recipes you can use it with the original cake push pops.

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