Push Pops

Push Pops


Are you looking for push pops? In this post, you’re going to see the benefit of using these cute push pops by catering businesses, event planners, pastry chefs and stay at home moms. Also we’re going to share a major problem that you faced while you’re decorating your push pops and after.

They are perfect for any occasions starting with birthday parties, baby showers, corporate events, wedding showers as well as receptions, outdoor summer entertaining and much more.

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Push Pops – Recognition

Almost everyone looks for recognition in any work they do 🙂 catering businesses, event planners, pastry chefs, etc… are so excited to expand their menu with these push pops by offering something new to their customers by being ambitious and to have a firm conclusion to be the best.

Also stay at home moms, are looking for the same result when it comes to hosting a party. Everyone wants to look great to their guests as an event planners, host, hostess…

Since these adorable push pops are the latest trend in the food industry, so when using them in your special and social events, wedding, picnic as well as corporate. You will notice that they are the ideal way to serve at your buffet filling them with almost any desserts and hors d’oeuvres. You will receive reputations from variety of organizations and from your family, guests and friends.

Also our push pops gives you the choice to serve a small quantity of cake by choosing the short-size “Mini-Me” push pops round or square or standard size by choosing “Me” push pops round or square and all of them are the same easy way to work with and all of them has the same stick that fits all our displays, which will give you the opportunity to make a mix of push pops shapes and sizes in just one stand.

Check here for the specifications and capacity of each.

Push Pops – Additional benefit

  1. You know exactly how much is the serving
  2. You have the option to serve different sizes
  3. You have the ability to make different flavors instead of buying 1 cake the same flavor
  4. You can save time during your events because they are already ready to serve
  5. You can dress up the push pops depending on your theme party, by the way it’s so fun.
  6. You don’t have to buy a gift bag, the push pop can be as a gift bag by itself, kids will love to take it with them.
  7. Easy to handle and fun to eat guaranteed for kids and adults
  8. You save cost of plates and forks
  9. No mess any more!
  10. Your guests will say “WOW”!

Push Pops – Decorating Stand

Well before you start with filing your push pops, it is important to plan how you’re going to stand up your push pops and how you want to store them or to transport them if you need to without messing up your artwork and your decoration on the top.

There is a decorating stand in the marketplace that holds your push pops while decorating and it’s:

  • Unstable which doesn’t holds your push pops properly.
  • Difficult to assemble.
  • Used for one time.
  • Difficult to transport and for storage.
  • Not enough good looking for your presentation.

Laguna Wholesale saw all these problems and her designer Monique created and design a beautiful decorating stand with multi-use. So “The Box” by Monique will provide you the peace of mind for the reason listed below:

  • Sturdy enough to holds  and support your push pops very well.
  • Super easy to assemble.
  • Used many times.
  • Made especially to make the storage and the transportation super easy.
  • It can be transform into a very beautiful display when you’re ready for your presentation.
  • Used for serving.

And now after we mentioned above the benefits and a major problem to look for before purchasing, you can feel that our push pops are the perfect containers for dessert serving and are the ideal choice at any event.

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If you want some great ideas on how you can decorate your push pops from outside to fit any theme and some amazing recipes click here to shop this book “Push Up Pops” By Courtney Dial Whitmore or this book “Push Pop Cakes” by Katie Deacon.

To your delicious desserts,

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