Confetti Push Pops

Confetti Push Pops

Confetti Push Pops

Are you looking for confetti push pops and wondering where you can find the best push pops to fill your confetti and gives you the “pop” sound that you love?

Well in this post you will find different shapes and sizes of our push pops and you will learn why they are the best to use for your confetti push pops. We also going to introduce you to the confetti push pops trend and share with you a small demonstration we did especially for 4th of July 2014 as well as what you need to DIY confetti push pops.

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Confetti Push Pops – Introduction

Confetti push pops is one of the hottest newest trends in parties and events. It starts first to be used for New Year’s Eve parties and then into the wedding celebrations and now they are straight on its way into birthday parties, anniversaries, engagement as well as any holidays. In summary, it’s another great way to celebrate at any occasions.

Everyone knows that the containers used to make a delicious push pops dessert like cupcake, ice cream, pudding, etc as well as you can fill them with candy and use them as a party favors too.  Now the same containers is used to fill them up with confetti and guests can pop the confetti for example at the ceremony exit, ceremony toss, while dancing or having a photo booth.

Confetti push pops are easy to make, budget-friendly, so much fun for kids and adults as well as easy to use. They are the perfect party pleaser. If you love simple crafts and you love to celebrate unique, you will absolutely adore these confetti push pops. They are the perfect accessories for guests to pop. Try it for yourself 🙂

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Confetti Push Pops – DIY project

To create your own confetti push pops all what you need is

  • Confetti
  • Push pops
  • Push pop stands
  1. Start by assembling the push pops, you can stick a label representing your theme party
  2. Use a push pop stands to stand up all your confetti push pops
  3. Stuff each push pops with confetti, you can make your own confetti by cutting a tissue papers
  4. Close the push pops with their lids

All what you have to do, you hold on snugly to the cylinder and you snap the bottom in your palm of your hand (watch the video above) and the confetti pop up and gives you the “pop” sound that you love.

Confetti Push Pops –  Best Containers

Why our push pops are the best to fill them with your confetti?

  • Our 1 in tall lid snaps on tightly
  • Our bases fit in snugly
  • Which creates an air pressure inside the cylinder.
  • Use the same cylinder again, and again, and again…

Just what it sounds like! Add to your parties much more fun with confetti push pops! Click the button below to choose from the round 3.04 oz and 2.028 oz or the square 3.82 oz and 2.16 oz and other push pops accessories you might need it for your parties like the acrylic push pop stands.

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Make your special occasions memorable with these confetti push pops. Use them also to serve your favorite ice cream, cupcakes or any other delectable treat in a very fun and unique manner.

To your delicious desserts,

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PPS: We hope that you enjoyed our 4th of July video and we have ended your request on where you can find the best push pops so you can celebrate your parties with confetti push pops.

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