Quick And Easy Push Pops Ideas

Quick and easy food & beverage push pops ideas for the almighty team mom

Being a full-time mother is one of the toughest, yet unarguably, the most satisfying job on the planet. From academics to extra-curriculars − moms can be found everywhere, encouraging, cheering and supporting their kids through music classes, ballet recitals and soccer practices. One of the traditional roles of moms in sports has been the role of the team administrator, which is commonly dubbed as the role of a Team mom. And aptly so!

A team mom takes the entire team under her wings. She is the money manager, volunteer coordinator, pre-season meeting coordinator, fundraising coordinator, file clerk, and even the travel agent of the team. Arranging team snack is one of the lesser-celebrated, but highly critical responsibilities of a team mom.

So here a few easy snack Push Pops ideas for you, the almighty team mom:

» Cheese sticks — These can be wrapped individually and handed out to the players.

» Yogurt and banana push pops — Now this is a combination that is both fun and healthy.

  1. Dice the fruit into small chunks and them on top of a layer of yogurt in small-sized push pops.
  2. Add more yogurt on the top and freeze the push pops if you like.
  3. In this way, they can be enjoyed as Popsicles.

» Applesauce — We’d opt for unsweetened brands, like GoGoSqueeZ and others that comes in pouches, which eliminate the need for spoons.

» Crackers and granola push pops — This treat can be offered without freezing.

  1. Layer small-sized push pops with crushed crackers.
  2. Add a serving of granola and a hydrating fruit like watermelon.
  3. Top it with some more granola.

» Peanut Butter and nutella sandwich push pops — A happy twist to the universally favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwich, peanut butter and nutella sandwiches are healthy and tasty as well. Use your push pops in the fashion of a cookie cutter to create fun square-shaped pieces or round-shaped pieces of the sandwich and push them in the pops.

Beverage ideas for the almighty team mom

Other than water, all beverage options tend to have some amount of artificial sweeteners and colors added to them. It is best to avoid colorants all together, and try to limit the amount of processed sweeteners that children consume. We’ve found that bottled water and juice boxes, even juice pouches are good beverage options. Dye-free sports beverages are sure to be loved by the children.

Discounted push pops, especially for team moms

In keeping with the spirit of celebrating motherhood (we are a small, woman-owned business ourselves), we have introduced a range of no-annoyance food and dessert Mini-Me push pops that are easy to assemble handle and use with their new feature screw in style stick and base (available only for the round shape). The original Mini-Me range stands for smaller sized push pops that can be used by team moms when organizing treats for young team members. Our square and round shape Mini-Me push pops have gotten us raving reviews from clients and it is with great pride that we assure you, these will be hassle-free aides while you handle the massive responsibilities of being a team mom.

We’d like to highlight two fun shapes of the Mini-Me push pops from Laguna Wholesale. The sturdy, 2.16 oz square push pops and the new, improved ~ 2.03 oz round push pops. You can pick a pack of 100, 50, 12 or combo (20 push pops + a decorating, take out, serving and displaying box beautifully designed), at wonderfully low prices. We also have a discount offer going on, that you can trigger by the use of an aptly-named coupon code “GRATEFUL”, on your first purchase. Get started now!

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