Yummy Back-To-School Push Pops Treats

Yummy Back-To-School Push Pops Treats


Yummy back-to-school push pops treats to ensure the little ones finish their snacks.

Hi there! How are your back-to-school preparations going? Planning school treats and snacks is a major task right? And if they happen to be special back-to-school snacks, expectations just soar high. Have you heard about push pops treat? Kids want their snacks to be fun and tasty. We want them to be healthy. It’s a never ending Battle! In this post we will talk about a colorful, healthy and delicious push pops recipes!

So moms, (and dads who love to dish up fun treats), here are two of our favorite back to school push pops recipes to help you live up to the expectations of your little angels.

Colorful, healthy and delicious watermelon push pops

Ah watermelons! Don’t you just love them? They look vibrant, taste wonderfully sweet and juicy, and pack the goodness of healthy nutrition. For this recipe, you’ll need

  1. Push pops
  2. Granola bar
  3. Yogurt
  4. Watermelon


  • Slice the fruit and dice it into bite-sized chunks.
  • Layer the push pops with the diced chunks and add some yogurt of your choice.
  • Now add a layer of granola.
  • Top it with more yogurt and diced watermelon.
  • Put the push pops into the freezer to let the treat set and voila!

You have in your hands, a fun treat that can be enjoyed for breakfast or as a snack when the kids come back from school.

You can be as generous as you want with the watermelon layers. Watermelon are 92% water and do an exceptionally good job in keeping children hydrated. Check out the National Watermelon Promotion Board for an extended list of health and skin benefits of eating watermelons. Alternatively, you can create a mixed cocktail of diced fruits to cover the base and use watermelon for the topping only.

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 Finger-licking peanut butter and jelly push pops

Kids love PBJs, don’t they? The beauty of this recipe is lack of refrigeration. You can pack them for field trips, picnics or other excursions and rest assured they’ll be enjoyed thoroughly by the kids. For this recipe, you’ll need

  1. Push pops
  2. PBJ sandwich. Simple isn’t it?


  • Prepare the PBJ sandwich without crusts and press them well together, to flatten the sandwich.
  • Press your push pops on the sandwich.

The goal is to cut round or square sandwich pieces (depending on what push pops shape you have) like you would cut cookies using a cutter.

  • Press each piece down into the container and keep cutting more pieces from the sandwich. You’ll be able to cut 3 to 4 pieces from a standard sandwich.
  • Clean the edge that was used for cutting, secure the cap and you’re done!

Alternatively, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich can be replaced by a sandwich of your kids’ choice. Don’t forget to tell us how they turnout when you try our recipes. Any variations or suggestions are welcome as well. Let the indulgence begin!

Five nutritious push pops school snacks – Infographic




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