Push Up Cake Pops

Push Up Cake Pops


Are you looking for push up cake pops? Well in this post we’re going to share with you the reason why people are buying our containers to make their push up cake pops.

We at Laguna Wholesale, are happy to introduce you to the original “Me” standard size and the original “Mini-Me” short size with 1 in. top flat lid. We are happy to share with you the secret of our success and the innovative ideas that we brought to you.

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Push Up Cake Pops – 1 in. Flat Top Lid

Back on Feb 8 2013, Laguna Wholesale is the first company worldwide who started manufacturing the new and improved version of the push up cake pops by creating the 1 in. flat top tall lid.

We would like to give thanks for all our customers by giving us their feedback and their suggestions. Also, we would like to thanks our designers Monique Moussan and Rhonda Giarraffa for their effort to make it happen.

We are happy from the result and this improvement in the tall lid helped our customers by creating their lovely decorations on the top as easy as any other dessert decorations.

Now they can close the lids very easy without messing up the final touch of their decorations on the top. Below are an empty and filled pictures of the original “Me” round push up cake pops with 1 in. tall flat top lid. standard size.

Push Up Cake Pops – Short-size AKA “Mini-Me”

Not long after, Monique Moussan designed the short-size push up cake pops for those who would like to serve a small portion of dessert, for sampling event, for catering, for kids, etc.

The original “Mini-Me” push up cake pops short-size is available with 2 shapes round and square with different capacity so you will have the advantage to choose the capacity that is more convenient for you in a short-size version.

The short-size is a unique shape in the marketplace. It was designed with love and care to meet your expectation especially there is other item that called mini push up that it is tall and skinny and it’s hard to work with.

The original “Mini-Me” short-size push up cake pops has the same diameter for the popular standard size the original “Me” push up cake pops, so the work is as easy as you are comfortable to do with the standard size.

The only difference is ONLY the capacity. The stick is also the same as the standard size as we mentioned in our previous post which will gives you the advantage to display different serving size in one push pop stand display.

Below are empty and filled pictures of the original “Mini-Me” round push up cake pops with 1 in. tall flat top lid. Short size.

 Push Up Cake Pops – Square Shape (Patent Pending)

After 4 months, we are very proud with our designers and would like to give thanks for creating a new shape 🙂 After a lot of research and study they created and designed a very beautiful shape which is the square in both size standard and short.

Why do you think they choose Square?

There is many and important reasons with great benefit

  • They are perfect when you cut the cake in layers, so there is NO WASTE of cake anymore.
  • Working with square shape push up cake pops is as easy as working with the round shape.
  • They are more stylish than the round shape and they look more elegant when you display them at wedding showers, corporate events…

Below are an empty and filled pictures of the original “Me” and “Mini-Me” square push up cake pops with 1 in. tall flat top lid. Standard and short size.

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Now you have a great idea on how these containers are unique items in the market place. Finally, it’s your choice depending on the type of the event you have, to choose the shape and the size of your push up cake pops.

To your delicious desserts,

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PPS: We hope that we did help you by sharing with you the reason why people are buying our products and we have ended your request by introducing you to the original “Me” and “Mini-Me” standard and short size push up cake pops.

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