Push Up Pop Containers

Push Up Pop Containers


Are you looking for push up pop containers and wondering where you can buy a professional and high quality push up pop containers? Well in this post we’re going to introduced you to our premium containers designed to hold frozen liquids as well as cream desserts and cake.

We’re going to share with you our variety of push pop stands, made in USA and how you store and transport your push up pop containers after decoration.

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Push Up Pop Containers – Elite Containers

We at Laguna Wholesale, the manufacturer of these premium push up pop containers. They are BPA free, made of high quality food grade plastic, proposition 65. The standard size known as “Me” and the short size known as “Mini-Me”.

They are available in both shapes square (patent pending) and round.  They are unique and specialized with their 1 in. tall flat top lid. They are reusable, freezer and dishwasher safe.

They are premium containers for your premium products… at a price that will make you and your profits happy. Used by professionals in food, bakery and ice cream industry.

Push Up Pop Containers – Stand

The big variety of push up pop containers stand that we offer fits almost anyone budget 🙂 They are made in USA , freezable and easy cleaning.

  1. 12 holes push up pop containers stand available in black and clear
  2. 18 holes push up pop containers stand available in clear

They are made of durable acrylic and they have handles on each side for easy serving.

We also have 2 unique acrylic displays that has a special feature and you can use them in different ways and are super easy to assemble and to unassemble for storage.

  1. Stair step with 20 holes push up pop containers stand available in clear
  2. 3 tiers with 40 holes push up pop containers stand available in clear and known as “The stand by Monique”

Here are the specifications for both push pop stands listed above:

Stair step specifications: Comes with 7 parts including

  •  4 stair steps, 2 side panels and 1 back plate
  • Dimensions: 12 x 10 in. H 10.75 in

‘The stand by Monique” specifications: Comes with 5 parts

  • 3 plates with different dimensions
  • 2 bases to stand up the tiers

Dimensions of each tier:

  • The bottom tier is 18 in. and it has 16 push pop holes
  • The middle tier is 13.50 in. and it has 16 push pop holes
  • The top tier is 8.50 in. and it has 8 push pop holes
  • N.B- The top tier can be used for a centerpiece related to your theme event or it can be used to hold 8 in. and 6 in. cake

All our push up pop containers, the original “Me” and the original “mini-Me” has a standard stick 3.75 in. height that can fits in any of all push pop stand listed above.

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Push Up Pop Containers – Storage & Transport

The top three reasons for the importance of having home to your push up pop containers are:

  1. Storage
  2. Transportation
  3. Gift giving

In a summary

  • “The box” is the mobile home for our push up pop containers.
  • It’s a shelter that protects your ready-made-to-go push pops so you may prepare them the night before and they will stay the same until your event.
  • The rich red color and the vibrant gold ribbon decoration on “The Box” will save you an additional bucks because no need to wrap it.
  • It’s also brightens up any occasion especially for the upcoming Holiday Season.
  • Finally it’s a sweet gift for friends and family.

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Laguna Wholesale is your suppliers for these cute push up pop containers! You can find them in different shapes and capacities to satisfied your needs 🙂

To your delicious desserts,

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PPS: I hope that we have ended your request by sharing with you information about the push pop stands and show you the solution for transporting and storing your push pops after decoration and by introducing you to the best and the original “Me” and “Mini-Me” push up pop containers.



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