Halloween Push Up Pop Containers

Halloween Push Up Pop Containers

Halloween Push Up Pop Containers

Are you looking for Halloween ideas and wondering how you can use the push up pop containers for this celebration? Halloween push up pop containers is another way to treat your loved one. In this post we’re going to share with you different dessert ideas with the push up pop containers so you can make Halloween more special for your guests, your family and your kids.

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Halloween Push Up Pop Containers

When it is time for trick or treating, candy is not enough to satiate those hungry bellies of the kids who spend hours roaming around their neighborhood in interesting costumes. Not to forget the parent or guardians of kids who also have to be on their feet and keep up with their boundless energy. This calls for a food that is easy to make and convenient to carry around or to eat in a jiffy.

Push up pop containers are molds that consist of a disc that can be pushed and is attached to a stick. Our product detail make the difference! Screw in instead of pushing in! Again we listened to our customers and we delivered.

Back in February 2014 Laguna Wholesale brings to you a new and improved version of the phenomenal cake push up pops, to make it easier and more enjoyable for you working with the push up pop containers. We created for you the new screw in style stick and base (Patent Pending).

It was perfect before but now it’s much better! Now filling these cute Me & Mini-Me round push pops is more amusing and you can be more confident in storing and shipping them effectively. When they are ready to serve, simply screw the stick into the base instead of pushing in and voilà, it’s done!

These can be used for any kind of dessert item like ice cream or cupcakes. They are ideal for Halloween celebrations and any occasions.

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Halloween Push Up Pop Containers – Dessert Ideas

Push up pop containers can be decorated any which way, this means you can make a variety of dessert items to go with the Halloween party theme. This is just right to make Halloween more special for your family. You can even dress up the frosting in a variety of ways to go with the Halloween theme.

  • How about a pumpkin cake with sunflower seeds?
  • Pumpkin and apple cake with multiple layers topped with crème and cherries.
  • Red frosting with swirls of chocolate is perfect to dress up any dessert for the Halloween festivities.
  • Use push up pop containers to eat any dessert item like a Popsicle.
  • Crème pies with delicious strawberry flavors or multilayered pastries in vibrant colors.
  • These push up pop containers can be used for even buns and you can even use the frosting on these buns.
  • Filled them with candies and give them as a treat to the kids

This is something that kids love and what is even better is that they can eat all types of bakery items this way. This can be right not only for the kids but adults accompanying the kids as well.

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Halloween Push Up Pop Containers – Cartoon Characters

The funny push-pop characters are the official mascot of Laguna Wholesale Company located in Southern California . They were created by Monique Moussan at the Mission Viejo office on March 2013. This video was created last year on October 21, 2013 and we would love to share it with you for fun :).

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Cakes, cupcakes and pastries are easy to carry around in push up pop containers. You now don’t need to worry about frosting that might drip everywhere when kids are enjoying their on-the-go snack.

To your delicious desserts,

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