Push Up Pops

Push Up Pops


Are you looking for push up pops and curious to know where you can find the best push up pops? Well in this post, we’re going to share with you the variety of our popular containers specialized in their beautiful shape and size and we’re going to share the problem of different kind of sticks to be aware of before you do your purchase.

We also going to show you some pictures as ideas we did it ourselves for different projects. The push up pops gives the opportunity to every person adults and kids to find the gift of artistry and to apply it.

Push Up Pops – Awesome shapes and sizes

At Laguna Wholesale, we can serve you with the original “Me” and “Mini-Me”push up pops products, with different shapes standard and short-size as well as the choice of four different capacities that is more convenient for you.

The push up pops helps you transform your sugary foods into sweet that you can push-it up and enjoy eating it. Also don’t forget to use your imagination on serving and displaying them. They are easy and fun to make and eat.

Also you will discover how much recognition and comment you will get from your guests. You will be very proud by offering these cute push up pops when you see the adults and the kids can’t wait to grab a push up pops.

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Push Up Pops – Inspirational idea

If you are a cake decorator or a pastry chef, this is great 🙂 but if you’re not there is no problem at all because with the push up pops you can easily make them and choose a very simple tip for your decoration to match your theme event.

You can serve almost everything with them from jello, mini brownies, mini cupcakes, mini doughnuts as well as you can do a layers cake with different colors. Fill your push up pops with ice cream and used your left over cakes, make a no bake cheesecake pumpkin, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, fill them with your favorite puddings and much more.

Also transform your push up pops to a party favors filling them with candies and include a small toy inside it. Dress the push up pops from outside using ribbons, stickers and a lot more creative ideas. Check this book “Push Up Pops” By Courtney Dial Whitmore or this book “Push Pop Cakes” by Katie Deacon.

Push Up Pops – Stick

Before you do your purchase, it is very important to know that there is different kind of push up pops stick in the market place.

  • A thin stick for mini push up so you have to buy a special display for them
  • A square stick that fits also in a special stand

At Laguna Wholesale, you will have:

  • the same original push up pops stick for all our containers so the advantage is that you can purchase a variety of shapes and sizes that you can display them in one push pop stand 🙂

In this way, you will have the opportunity to serve  a small or regular serving size at your event by using only one display of your choice.

Below are pictures at Halloween, we filled the push up pops with candies and we decorate them, we used “The Box” to display them and to serve.

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Finally, Laguna Wholesale were so amazed in the imagination and the talent of people by seeing their fantastic creations. We would like to give our congratulations to our customers and all the people that are using these push up pops in their event.

To your delicious desserts,

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PPS: We hope in this post that we gave you an inspirational idea on the creativity that you already have inside you and you are ready now to discover it by yourself by using our original “Me” and “Mini-Me” push up pops.

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